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At Chunky Worldwide Limited we respect your privacy, therefore it is but natural for us to provide this privacy statement in order to explain the use of certain features and facilities on our web site and to demonstrate our commitment to privacy.

Our server automatically logs certain information about your computer and browser whenever you use our site. The logged information includes the type and version of browser, operating system and your unique Internet identification address, or as it is called “TCP/IP address”. We may sometimes use the information about browsers and operating systems in order to accurately feed pages that will display correctly for you.

We do not use the information about TCP/IP addresses for any purpose.

Cookies are only written to your computer from our site as a result of our server maintaining a “session” with your browser. Cookies are then deleted as soon as you close your browser or when the session times out.

You do not have to log in to our site as a guest user. We do however require our Franchisees to log in through our portal to access the required propriety information provided for support purposes.

Chunky Worldwide Limited is incorporated in the United Kingdom, with a registered address at 5-7 Milkstone Road, Rochdale, OL11 1ED, United Kingdom – Company No: 11109471.

Please check this section regularly for updates.

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You are using our website at our own risk. Whilst we do everything possible to keep our website free from virus and malware, Chunky Chicken cannot be held responsible in the unlikely event that your computer is affected by any virus or malware beyond